Tuesday, June 5, 2012

« Love and relationships between teenagers »

A videoclip about five teenagers who think they know everything about love, however they are still trying to know themselves and what they really look for in a partner.


A documentary directed by some Spanish students about the growth of the drinking problem among teenagers. How they start drinking, where, when, how frequently.

« Technology addiction »

A film about a teenager who is so addicted to videogames, that he starts mixing the game with real life.

« Generation gap -- piercings and tattoos »

A film about a girl who wants to have a tattoo but her parents won't allow. Shall she disobey? Tatoos are really cool and their friends have them. Anyway as she is under 16 she needs her parents authorization.


A story of a girl who expected to be accepted and happy in her new school, but instead...

«Food disorders»

A sarcastic film about food, and how teenagers feed themselves. A view of how taste and flavor and even image influences young people in their food habits. You look for tasty and fast instead of healthy.