Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello from Spain

Good job! I don´t know how this works but I promise to learn soon :-)

Yes, I seem to understand it now. I`ve never been on a blog before and I don`t like "facebook" either.
But this is something different.
I hope our pupils will use it as much as possible, but they can`t start yet. They`re in their autumn holidays until the 30th.
Let`s see who joins next!

Comenius 2011 - 2013: Hello!

Comenius 2011 - 2013: Hello!: Hello! Good work!

Hi Angela and all the others,
I´m trying to get used to this, but I think I`ll have to practise a little bit.
First of all: The Blog looks great, I really like it!
Now, let`s see where this is going to appear and whether I did it right!



Good work!

Hi partners!

Welcome to our blog.
Here we can share all information or ideas we wish.
Let's get it started!